‘I want to be hairless, but how?’

It is easier than you think.

Okay to begin with, let’s face facts, unless you have a Hypertrichosis or Hirsutism, which is unlikely, you are really just looking to invest in a laser or IPL hair removal machine as a way out of that never ending loop that shaving, plucking and waxing puts you in – and you know what that is totally okay! There are a bunch of great hair removal machines and products on the market and with the right one you could be hairless in a less than a New York minute!

But before we start crowing about the great options we have, let’s first hand out a reality check.

Check it Out Now! – Scoll down as my list has now been updated for the NEWEST machines available for home use!

Reality Check #1 – Most of the laser hair removal devices out on the market – are horrible! – Like literally horrible! They will feed you the fantasy of hairless pores and great smooth skin and deliver zilch! And the worst part is you have no way not to know any better – I know! I’ve been there! Instead I ended up with a bunch of unsightly razor burns and skin irritations?!?! ouch!

Anyway, since I have already been through this hair removal hellmouth, I figured I’d do us all a favor and help others so they only have to go through a shortlist of the best hair removal machines to use at home, for the right treatment for your skin type!

Now, to get down to business, the first thing you have to be informed about when it comes to laser hair removal, is what skin type and hair type you fall under and what laser is being used. This is vitally important, because the same laser does not work on everyone. This site will, give you an clearer idea of just which of the laser or IPL hair removal machines are safe for you to buy and use yourself in your own home!

In order to make it easier for you to find the best home hair removal machine that suits your needs, I took the most popular products currently on the market and reviewed them based on –

  • The best customers had to say about using the Laser/IPL hair removal machine or device
  • Cost effectiveness and
  • Any prospective side effects

…and I have also made up a handy home laser hair machine Comparison Chart to compare the top 5 best home hair removal machines on the market right now. Sorting through all the machines and picking the right one for you is a dam tiring process, by just referring to the comparison chart, you can find the right one for you in under 10 minutes when it’s something that nearly took me 10 hours to put together :)

Instead of being one of those sites, with inaccurate useless information, I decided to step up and share my experiences of using, these products and aim to give you (what I never got) a clear review and use based, varied overview of each of the top ten laser hair removal products currently on the market, so that you don’t have to get caught in the tangled web of useless or bad products as you venture out into the world of prospective hairless bare skin!

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Top 10 Laser Hair Removal Machines

1. Tria 4x Laser

Thinking of buying a machine for permanent hair removal at home? Think Tria.

Seriously, look no further than the top of the market in 2016-2017, first FDA approved machine, the Tria Hair Removal 4X Laser. Beautiful design (not bulky and no power cords, it’s so handy you can take it absolutely anywhere!)  and state of the art technology comes together in a plethora of various colors, making the Tria a great addition to your beauty regime.

The Tria 4X Laser comes with the guaranteed safe seal due to being the highest rated at home machine in terms of safety. Developed by the same scientists who invented professional laser technology in salons, these scientists have now manufactured the same diode laser technology in a laser hair removal device which is safe to use by you and me at home.

Easy to use, with multiple settings and in built skin tone sensor, the Tria Hair Removal Laser makes using a laser hair removal device at home not just a luxury but a staple. And for those who are confused about the pricey product, don’t be, not only is the Tria Laser 4X the safest, fastest and most effective home laser hair removal machine on the market, but it requires no ongoing costs – you don’t need to keep buying replacement cartridges.

Just remember, you get what you pay for, right and you don’t want to compromise safety when it comes to permanently reducing hair growth. Read more on why the Tria 4X Laser topped my list of laser hair removal at home devices by reading my Full Tria Laser Review. Don’t forget to grab the additional cream by Tria (available here) to keep your skin moisturized. Although not necessary, it’s important to protect your eyes with laser goggles, available here.

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Tria Laser 4x

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2. Remington I-Light IPL6000P Pro Plus (UPDATED)

Have you decided on doing it at home, to avoid the insanely high costs racked up by each clinical session you will need to go through – I know that is like a lot of money! So, let’s rethink this, how do we say goodbye to the insanely fast growing hair without going broke?

One word – Remington Ultra!

Well three words, actually but so worth it!

Like the Tria, Remington is another trusted brand and is an FDA approved home laser machine, when it comes to hair removal at home. You may have heard of the Remington I-Light Pro (which is below at #3), this Remington i-Light ULTRA is the upgraded version of the standard Remington i-light IPL machine.

The Remington I-light Ultra It comes in at No.2 on my list (and ahead of the I-Light Pro) of top home hair removal machines due to it’s faster and more effective results. With the Remington Ultra you will see hair reduction results even after the second treatment and as a bonus the cartridges last longer! Although it’s not painful, if you do have a low pain threshold, it’s advised you buy a numbing cream to make it more of a comfortable experience for you. The most effective numbing cream is available here. Although not necessary, it’s important to protect your eyes with laser goggles, available here.

AND THE BEST PART? It’s now been approved for both FACE & BODY HAIR REMOVAL!

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Remington I-Light Ultra

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home-hair-removal-machines-remington-ilight-pro3. Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro

The I-Light Pro IPL6000USA is one of Remington’s best hair removal devices for home use and has been around for like forever. It remains still to this day a popular choice for many customers and has only been bumped down my list to #3 due to it’s more effective and newest addition to the hair removal market in the Pro Plus above.

However for its slightly lower price, the Remington i-Light Pro remains a popular and affordable at home laser hair removal device. The results tend to be a little bit longer than the Pro Plus above however in world of permanent hair removal, we are only talking a few extra sessions at most.

Made up of one basic unit, with a applicator attached base, that kind of machine resembles the older versions of the Silk’n or the Sense, but with totally better specs. Even the make of the model is like, insane, because it has that long attached cord you can plug in and keep using at the same time. A definite win against unsightly hairs! Don’t forget to grab your pair of laser goggles to protect your eyes also, available here.

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro

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4. Tria Precision Laserhome-hair-removal-tria-precision

Okay so the Tria Precision Laser is what a jaguar is to cars. Sexy. I am not kidding. I mean this laser hair removal device is a beauty.

It’s everything that you want and need in a home hair removal device – it’s totally easy to use, portable, half a foot long, a white sleek device that in addition to looking right at home even on your kitchen counter, actually is the magical wand that gives you zero ugly hairs on your sensitive spots. (It’s also one of the popular choices in 2016-2017 as many people just want to concentrate on removing facial hair and this machine is the top choice for that!)

I mean actual zero hairs. Tria is not a top company for nothing – it’s SO worth it how can you NOT? And if you have already bought the Tria 4X laser, this hair removal thing kinda becomes addictive. Many women (and men) who do already have the 4X laser, also opt to buy this one for hair removal on the face, bikini line and more sensitive areas of the body. In addition, don’t forget to grab your pair of laser goggles to protect your eyes also, available here.

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Tria Precision Laser

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5. Me Smooth / Elos by Tanda & Me My Elos (NEW)

Okay so, cool fact about the Tanda Me Smooth by Tanda – It’s not really a laser hair removal device!

No, no, no – I’m not calling it a fake or like saying it doesn’t work – what I’m saying is – it’s not technically a laser hair removal device, as in it’s not a laser.

Yeah, mind blown much?

Okay so what is it really, the Tanda is basically like a laser hair removal device only it uses Intense Pulsated Light technology. It also actually uses Radio Frequency energies for better results. All of which is, FDA approved making Tanda Me Smooth a very popular choice, for the lighter hair colors!


home-hair-removal-machines-Me-My-Elos-SyneronMe My Elos (NEW Tanda Machine)

So last year, the same company that made the machine above, the Me Smooth, released and updated model which is far better than it’s predecessor. In 2016-2017 it’s becoming a popular choice for both men and women who have darker skin and red/blonde/white/grey hair colors.. Still based on the same technology and inner workings as the previous model, the new model is now called the Me My Elos and although it does cost a little more to begin with, it saves you money in the long run.


Well, since it’s now 2017, technology just gets even better. With this machine, each cartridge lasts way way longer, 126,000 pulses/flashes per cartridge (to be exact) and the technology is the latest and most effective as they have fine tuned the inner workings of how the machine works.

So effectively you need less treatments to be hair free forever. Don’t forget to grab your pair of laser goggles to protect your eyes also, available here.

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Me My Elos

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6. Silk’n SensEpil SN002

Of all the Silk’n hair removal machines, the SensEpil is the best Silk’n has on offer and ranked at No.6 on my list. Personally, I love this cute little machine, it’s easy to use, it has a power cord (so no downtime) and it has a nice big laser tip which allows you to get larger body areas done quite quick.

The SensEpil is a great priced hair removal device which is safe to use at home. I love the fact that for around $200, Silk’n gives you the machine, the instructional DVD and 2 spare lamp cartridges which saves money. Silk’n also tends to have COMBO packs available so you can save even more by buying the replacement cartridges upfront (which you will need anyway, hence a great opportunity to save some money).

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Silk’n SensEpil SN002

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7. Silk’n Flash&Go

7th on my list of the best hair removal devices for home is the Flash&Go, another good hair removal device by Silk’n.

The Silk’n Flash&Go is a oldie but reliable choice in home hair removal. It remains a popular choice for many as each cartridge contains over 5,000 flashes which is excellent and the bigger head allows for greater coverage is less time.

Sitting at the end of my list, purely due to it’s limited application, only safe to use for lighter skin colors and dark hair color.

Overall, an excellent machine for those with the right skin tone and hair color. The Silk’n Flash & Go produces permanent hair free results, FDA approved with a handy design to target difficult areas such as the bikini line with ease.

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Silk’n Flash&Go

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home-hair-removal-remington-quartz8.  Remington Pro Plus Quartz (IPL6000Q)

In regards to all the Remington home IPL machines on the market, the Remington Pro Plus Quartz was manufactured as the best IPL machine from Remington, hence it’s slightly higher price tag.

Although the Remington Quartz is the best of Remington’s home IPL machines, the reason why it’s sitting at No.8 position on my list of best home hair removal machines is due to it’s higher upfront cost.

What does need to be kept in mind when buying a permanent hair reduction machine to use at home is the ongoing costs. Although the upfront cost is significantly higher with the Remington Quartz, the IPL cartridges hold a whopping 30,000 flashes in comparison to the 1,500 flashes of the standard Remington i-light Pro.

Overall, you pay for what you get, the Remington Quartz is super fast, super effective and the cartridges last super long.

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Remington Pro Plus Quartz

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home-hair-removal-machines-bellalite9. Bellalite

Look familiar? The Bellalite is designed and manufactured by Silk’n with some subtle differences. The Bellalite is sitting at our 9th position of the best home laser hair removal machines for use at home as it’s not designed or safe to treat for permanent hair reduction on everyone.

It’s one of those fussy laser machines where it tends not to suit or work on a variety of skin tones and hair colors. Bellalite specifically state that the laser machine is not safe for black, tanned and Afro skin colors, but works perfectly for light skin colors and dark hair combinations.

In saying the above, the Bellalite Professional At Home hair removal device has been cleared by the FDA as safe to use for home hair removal treatments and is one of the quicker machines on the market. With it’s larger than normal laser tip, it can cover the legs in less than 30 minutes.

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Bellalite

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home-hair-removal-machines-philips-lumea10. Philips Lumea

To start with let’s talk about how the Phillips Lumea is constructed. The Lumea comes in one basic white color, shaped kind of like an alien gun, however since it’s shaped with a handle and a 3 centimeter square window, it is extremely easy to maneuver, especially in the bikini areas, on the underarms and, larger parts of the body such as the legs or arms.

Important: This model is now only available to UK and European customers when shopping here. For the rest of us who want this product and can’t get shipping from the link above, please read about the new Philips Lumea (available here) that I’ve included more info about it in the review of the Philips and a little below also – refer to the link below (FYI: They are essentially both the same product with a few minimal differences).

The Lumea also has very long battery life, in comparison to most laser hair removal devices and can retain charge from almost twenty to thirty minutes which is why it is considered capable of finishing off as much as one entire leg on one charge.

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Philips Lumea

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Philips-Lumea-ComfortLumea Comfort (NEW)

The biggest difference between the new Philips Lumea (featured right) and it’s predecessor is that this IPL device has no replacement cartridges. It comes with 200,000 available flashes which is enough to treat your entire body. Efficiency and effectiveness is better with the new machine customers have seen results in only 2-4 treatments (at a 75% reduction in hair growth). It has the same skin tone and hair color compatibility than it’s predecessor and largely works the same (but yields better results).

The reason why it sits last on our list is because, although it still remains popular for some customers due to the reputable brand of Philips triggering customers to buy a reliable worldwide brand, the laser hair removal device is a little outdated and out of date in comparison to the new and improved technology on offer with the home permanent hair removal devices on the top of the list of best home devices.

MUST Read Information Before Buying the Philips Lumea Comfort

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Read more about these and other treatment solutions to help you get the best results by clicking any of the reviews to each products above.