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Tria v Silk’n

Choosing the better of these two magnificent hair removal devices, the Tria and the Silk’n is like being put between a rock and a hard place, a lot more like being between the devil and the proverbial Davy Jones’ locker. They are two of the most popular

Does Home Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

Home use of laser hair removal equipment is quite new and young (in the age of hair removal technology) and therefore, naturally, many consumers want to try out this revolutionary permanent way of getting rid of hair. However, most of these ‘many consumers’ are also apprehensive of

Celebrities Who Do Laser Hair Removal

Although best suited for light skinned people, laser hair removal is fast gaining popularity all around the world (2017 update: if you have darker skin or red/blonde/white/grey hiar you can now use a permanent hair removal machine at home, for more info on this machine that will

Laser v Waxing, Which One is Better?

The debating has been raging for a few years now as to which one between, waxing and laser hair removal works better. Waxing has been in the cosmetic industry for a longer time and still remains very popular but laser hair removal is taking the industry by