Does Home Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

Home Laser Hair RemovalHome use of laser hair removal equipment is quite new and young (in the age of hair removal technology) and therefore, naturally, many consumers want to try out this revolutionary permanent way of getting rid of hair.

However, most of these ‘many consumers’ are also apprehensive of walking into the ‘unknown’ consequences of laser removal therapy. This is a natural phenomenon but do not worry because I am here to turn every stone on this issue. Together, we will unveil all you need to know about laser hair removal devices designed and approved for use at home. This should eventually guide you into making an informed decision on this subject of laser hair therapy.

Do not be misled; home Laser removal is absolutely safe.

Why am I so confident?

Permanent Home Laser Hair RemovalThe FDA has done vigorous tests on most of the popular laser devices like Silk’n Sensepil and the Tria home hair removal systems and none of them were found wanting. These devices are safe for use in all areas of the body safe for the head and neck. And for these aforementioned body parts there is the option of the No-No Hair Removal system which employs Thermicon technology which uses heat to destroy the hair follicles from which visible hair arises from. The heat is potent enough to destroy the coarsest of hairs but gentle enough not to burn. This device is also very safe and has been approved for use.

This is no hoax nor is it some form of gimmicks. Laser removal devices for home use technology that works and quite efficiently as well. In fact, in the Tria home hair removal system, the technology is exactly the same as that used in professional laser clinics and as you would expect it makes the Tria very effectual. The Silk’n SensEpil device uses technology that is a tad different- pulsed light technology- but the results are similar to the Tria’s.

Therefore, how does this laser technology work?

Does home hair removal workLaser treatment targets a laser beam to the hair follicle to kill it. Laser is preferably used in the light-skinned with dark hair as dark skin will absorb much of the laser beam energy. Its beam of energy targets pigment and thus laser hair removal works best with light skin and dark hair. The essence of this is that light skin possesses very little pigment thus a lot of the laser beam’s energy hits the dark pigmented hair follicle, destroying it in the process. It thus going without saying that dark skin will absorb much of the energy and the hair follicle will not be destroyed. In fact, dark skin may be damaged by laser.

Home laser hair removal holds one significant advantage over professional laser hair removal; it’s cheap cost. The cost of going to the laser clinic for a few sessions will leave you feeling the pinch, unless you have significant resources. A typical laser device goes for about $400 to $500. Compare this cost to the cumulative costs of frequent waxing sessions or what you’ll spend on depilatory creams over 5 years, plus these are not permanent. This leaves home laser hair removal as the best option for you.

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