How to Prepare For Laser/IPL Hair Removal

How-To-prepare-for-ipl-laser-hair-removalSo, you’re considering laser hair removal, great! There’s no need to deal with burns from wax, swelling from plucking or cuts and razor burn from shaving, anymore. Laser hair removal is an (utterly!) fantastic option for permanent or long term hair removal, it’s a completely simple and easy alternative to the daily or weekly drag of typical hair removal regimes (trust me I know!).

Laser hair removal uses focused powered light to target the pigment and destroy the follicle. You can buy systems to do the treatments on your own in the comfort and privacy on your own home and there is a big market for the systems and several to choose from. It’s important that you buy one that is FDA approved and safe to use at home – Click Here for More Information

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have already picked the right home machine for you from the list in the link above, then the next step is to purchase the additional products below.

What You Need to Buy

It’s very important and highly recommended to purchase the following products to ensure your at home laser or ipl hair removal experience is pleasant, comfortable and side effect free :) There is 3 additional products you need to buy in addition to your permanent hair removal machine.

1. Numbing Cream

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2. Eyewear/Goggles

These ones here are especially designed for laser and ipl hair removal and are the most popular/best selling:

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3. Aftercare Calming Cream

This one here is the most purchased for laser/ipl treatments:

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How Do You Prepare?
  1. Don’t tan or use sunless tanners for at least a month before your treatment, the lighter your skin is, the easier it will be to target the hair with the laser.
  2. For women with darker skin, make sure you buy a hair removal machine that is safe to use on your skin.
  3. Do not wax or pluck the area of treatment, these can damage the follicles and area that you will need to treat so avoid it as well.
  4. Shave a few days before your treatment, you don’t want to have too much hair, but you also want some to be showing on the surface only so it can be easily targeted by the laser.
  5. Clean the area and don’t apply any lotions or deodorants of any kind to the area (numbing cream such as the one suggested above is fine). If you need to wear deodorant prior to treatment (completely understandable!) make sure to have it all removed before you begin. I use antiseptic wipes to remove any residue on my skin.
  6. If you have sensitive skin or you feel that you need some protection, investing in a good numbing cream is a good idea. I like the numbing gel by Hush
After The Treatmentcreams-for-laser-hair-removal
  1. Your skin will be sensitive so it would be advisable to wear loose fitting clothing or even none if you can get away with it. Let the area breathe and have as little rubbing as possible.
  2. Another tip is that you may want to buy a soothing cream to help with any irritation, this helps speed up the recovery of the skin to ensure the sensitivity and irritation goes away quicker. One of the best after laser calming creams is Tria SmoothStart

For More Information – How to Look After Your Skin After Laser or IPL Hair Removal

Things to Remember

It will likely take multiple treatments to achieve your desired result because our hair grows in many different hair growth stages so those women at laser hair clinics that say you need multiple treatments are not marketing a selling ploy to you – it’s actually true, it’s impossible to be able to treat every single hair at one time because all our hair grows at different stages.

There are about 2500 follicles in any given square inch, but not all of them are visible above the skin at the time of treatment, so while the hair will seem to be grown back in the same place, it isn’t the same hair you just destroyed, it’s a follicle that was under the skin, producing a new hair.

Test your system in an inconspicuous area of your skin to make sure that you have your settings right so that you can avoid skin discoloration. It can happen if you aren’t careful, but usually the systems are pretty user friendly and will help you to avoid this.

Hair-Free-for-summerThere are home hair removal machines that are designed specifically to work on all skin tones and hair color combinations, if you have darker skin you should look in to these as they will be the most effective for you and will not result in skin discoloration.

Laser hair removal is a popular trend and it is becoming more so every day as women all around the world are ready to ditch the shaving and waxing and plucking and go for a more long term/permanent solution to hair removal; and with laser hair removal so easy to do at home, it is an even more convenient option. Especially in summer, more and more women want to spend less hours in the bathroom and more hours on the beach. The best thing about Laser/IPL hair removal is that once you do a couple of sessions you will be hair free for the entire summer.

If you’re ready to jump on board the bandwagon and see what all the talk is about, read some of the important information on my site or if you need any further help, contact me or leave a comment below. I can guarantee you won’t go back to your old routine of wasting time and money and pretty much torturing yourself with wax, razors and plucking.

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