IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

whats-the-differenceDo you know the difference? Is Laser, IPL and IPL, Laser?

It has been commonly found that people in general do not have clear knowledge regarding both of the procedures, either IPL or Laser and are many times confused while choosing which avenue to take. I totally get it – it can be confusing and until you get your head around the two hair removal techniques, you end up considering IPL as Laser and Laser as IPL.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light Treatment and Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Needless to say as both of them involve use of intense light energy some confusion is bound to occur. I will try to help you not only understand the subtle differences in both of these procedures but also when to use it.

Before understanding the differences, let’s see, what the similarities are, which leads to the rise of confusion. First of all, both are treatments used for permament hair removal. In both the methods, the hair follicles underneath the skin are killed by passing light and getting it absorbed by the darker pigments of the hair. Also in either of the methods the neighbouring tissue remains unaffected.

Okay now let us understand each of them in detail.

IPL’s, cannot produce a narrow focussed beam unlike a Laser which does. To have a proper understanding, you can compare it with a high power headlights of vehicles. The light produced falls in a broad range of wavelengths with varying levels of depths. Out of these only some wavelengths, depending on the sensitivity of skin effects the hairs during hair treatment.

Turning towards lasers now. The scenario here is producing exactly one wavelength of high depth. TIPL-v-Laserhe result is a highly intense laser beam consisting of just one pure spectrum of light which is produced. This means that the laser is produced solely to target the hair follicles at a high intensity, enough to kill the roots and stunt the hair growth permanently.

Basics clear, time to compare the methods used for hair removal. There are many points where laser has an upper hand over IPL in connection to permanent hair removal. The precision of lasers are much higher because of which the beam effects only the target skin and the surrounding area is completely untouched.

Another advantage of laser hair removal is the time duration. One laser pulse can treat several hairs at a time at it takes no more than a fraction of second for one laser pulse to do its job. A great percentage of people have reported permanent results after a couple of sessions. Since the power of laser can be adjusted on most machine via settings, it can be used comfortable with various types of skin tones and hair color. In regards to the penetration level of IPL, it is much shallow in comparison to laser implying that the hairs that are deeper and thicker are not treated well.

Had enough of laser and IPL hair removal yet. To sum up, the technology behind laser and IPL hair removal is astounding and the fact that you can buy your own machine and use it at home to get rid of hair permanently is just awesome for all of us.

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