Is Permanent Hair Removal At Home Right For Me?

Is-Permanent-Hair-Removal-At-Home-Right-For-MeIs Permanent Hair Removal At Home Right For Me? Many people ask themselves this question over and over as they weigh up their options. Laser technology is being treated apprehensively; many people are currently sizing it up, considering whether they will take the leap into the unknown of laser hair therapy. Well, I’m here to build your faith and push you into making that leap of faith.

If you are fed up with shaving or if shaving leaves your skin flared up and irritated then you should consider laser hair therapy. Shaving has been proven to stimulate the hair follicle into action, resulting in thicker and coarser hair re-growing. The good thing about home laser hair removal systems is that the hair is eradicated in its entirety.  The laser therapy scorches out the hair follicle using powerful laser beams that super-heats the follicles without burning skin. On the other hand, shaving never destroys the follicle and only removes hair above the surface.

Permanent-Hair-RemovalI know most of you would prefer methods that save some amount of money. On average, at home laser hair removal techniques cost around $500.

Compared to professional clinics which each session (the legs entirely where the price can often be between $300-500 per session!), the price is relatively cheaper by doing it at home! The clinics charge on average about $4000 to get your entire body done, and this may be more depending on the situation.

So doing it at home with hair removal machines, there is a significant amount of $3500 saved. This can be spent on other amenities.

I am yet to meet one person who does not love their privacy of doing it at home and the great thing about laser hair removal devices is that they promise privacy. And I know you are yearning for some privacy as you get down to some ‘hairy’ business and there is no better way to obtain it than with a home laser hair removal tool.

You are unlikely to be spotted walking into a professional laser clinic (the paparazzi are fond of capturing of people hanging around these laser clinics). Furthermore, home laser hair removal systems do not leave your skin all red and irritated like shaving does, leaving you feeling confident to walk around in your bikini without worrying about eerie looks in your direction when you have stubbly skin.

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