Laser v Waxing, Which One is Better?

Waxing-or-LaserThe debating has been raging for a few years now as to which one between, waxing and laser hair removal works better.

Waxing has been in the cosmetic industry for a longer time and still remains very popular but laser hair removal is taking the industry by storm.

Many ladies (and men!) out there are certainly sizing up these two and I think you can do with a little insight into both of these techniques.


Let’s start with waxing. A method that has stood the test of time, waxing is a semi-permanent way of ridding your bikini line and legs, of hair. It lifts hair off from the root, which is quite painful, and results in smooth, flawless skin for 6 or so weeks (well so they say, me personally, I can only get max. 3 weeks and even at 6 weeks you have hair growth which is unsightly).

Waxing as a method for hair removal, however leaves your skin sore and irritated. For the best results, the hair length has to be at least 1 cm. Is-Waxing-PainfulIf you wax hair less than 1 cm in length you will end up with in-grown hairs and you won’t end up getting all the hairs out. In-grown hairs are when the hair grows within the hair follicle rather than outside it. This results in a small bump around the ingrown hair which can become infected secondarily by bacteria causing it to be filled with pus.

In terms of cost, a waxing session will, at most, cost $80 but you will have to wax at least once every two months if you intend to keep unsightly hair away. Waxing makes use of resin wax to glue hair to a paper or cloth strip. This wax is cumbersome to wash off with water therefore another alternative to waxing was developed. Sugaring uses a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and water as the adhesive. This mixture is easily washed off skin with water but it’s equally painful.

Laser Hair Removal

My favorite, since the last couple of years that is. This is a permanent hair removal method. Once you are done with the 6 or so sessions for a full body laser treatment, you’ll be totally hairless and flawless. But before you get too excited, let me say that these sessions are a gradual processes in that about on average, 40-50% of body hair is removed per session. So you’ll be shaving in the meantime, shaving the remaining hair that is, it is never the same sort of shaving after doing laser hair removal – it’s way way easier!Laser-As-A-Hair-Removal-Method

However, once over that hill, you’ll never have to wax again! Hurray! Another fact you’ll love about laser treatment is that it is less painful than waxing. Yes, you read right. And what’s more it is much faster than waxing. A session lasts an average of ten to fifteen minutes making it very favorable for busy ladies who don’t have enough time for waxing.

There was a time when laser treatment was preserved for the light skinned with dark hair. Now there are laser devices that are meant for hair removal for individuals with darker skin and for those with blonde hair. But they cost a bit more and hurt just a little more.

Laser treatment is however more expensive, upfront that is! You may outlay a big chunk of your money upfront, but you will never have to do it again, therefore in the long term laser is the cheaper option than waxing.

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