Ease of Use
Overall Rating

- Easy to use device style
- Larger head
- Long Battery Life
- No gels required, it's easy to use!
- Suits multiple skin tones
- New model now available (Click Here or Read Below)
- Not good to use on darker skin
- Device a little heavier than other machine
Philips Lumea – The Convenient Choice

The white weaponry shaped Philips Lumea is the last on my top ten list of the safest laser hair removal machines. While this home hair removal device stands last on the list it is not a complete dud in any way (a machine has to come last doesn’t it?!)

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In fact it’s more of a combination of the price and versatility of the other home laser hair removal machines that brings last on the list, I just find it can’t quite compete with the features of many other machines. What is does have going for it is that it’s manufactured by a reliable brand being Philips – which you can buy online here.

Important: This model is now only available to UK and European customers when shopping here. For the rest of us where we can’t get shipping from the above link, please read about the new Philips Lumea (available here) that I’ve included more info about it below! (Essentially they are both the same product with a few minimal differences).

The reason the Philips is considered such a convenient choice is – because it is easily rechargeable, holds charge for a longer period of time and does not require any additional add-on’s or gels.

It also kinda reminds me of the Silk’n Flash&Go, looking pretty similar in design with a few subtle color differences.

The Reasons the Philips Lumea Made it Onto the Top Ten List

philips-lumea-comfortPhilips, heard of the brand name? That’s right, Philips not only manufacture shavers and other personal care products but they have manufactured an all round beauty of a home hair removal device/s (updated 2015: now including the new Lumea available below!). Although the Philips Lumea remains a bit behind the front leaders in home hair removal (only just shy of the No.1 and No.2), the Phlips Lumea does bring to the market it’s benefits being that:

1. It is manufactured by a trusted worldwide brand

2. It works!

3. It has an awesome/easy to use design

4. Quite a relatively large battery life (this is a must as you don’t want your hair removal sessions to be tedious)

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Results of the Philips Lumea

I believe that my olive skin and dark hair is why the Lumea worked moderately well on me. The five settings, and the long battery life made using it a lot easier, however unfortunately (for me), the device is best suited to white skin and dark hair and has a tendency to sting on a more brown toned person.

My best friend, Emily, who is as white as they come, tried it for a week and had much better results than me (because I have darker skin tone than her). Bu she even disagreed with me on the pain scale, I gave it a 8, she gave it a 5!

Overview of the Philips Lumea

In one word the Philips Lumea is, effective, it’s got a great grip and even better machine head and handle.

I think my favorite part about it is how quickly you can work with it – I finished my underarms in around 4-5 minutes the first time and it took even less time with practice. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s not the best fit for my skin tone this device would be a keeper!

NEW Philips Lumea: All my points above hold true for the newest Philips Lumea machine also (purchased from here). Like I’ve said above, the Lumea with the handle design is no longer available to all of us around the world (mainly just UK and Europe). What is available to the rest of us is the new Philips Lumea which is kinda cute and works on the same technology and features as the one featured above. It has the same skin color application and hair color application chart also. So if you were looking for the Philips Lumea, this new device is a whole lot cuter and versatile. I must say, I do prefer it than the older design, but that is just my opinion.

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