Ease of Use
Overall Rating

- Power Cord (not down time for charging)
- FDA Cleared
- Easy to hold and use
- Affordable
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- Needs cartridge replacement (however, these are quite affordable)
- Results can tend to be longer to achieve than other machines
Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro – 2nd Best IPL Home Hair Removal Device


Much like the Tria 4x Laser, Remington is also a home hair removal machine –  line of Gucci – on the same playing field. It does tend to be a bit on the pricey side, usually less than a Tria Laser, however regardless the IPL machines manufactured by Remington literally always work.

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I have never personally used a Remington device that didn’t actually work. The IPL6000USA for example is a unit, with an applicator attached to a base, that works a lot like the older models of the Silkn or Sense, but has way better specifications. The Remington I-Light Pro is available for purchase here.

When I finally, began really looking for a full body coverage device I found that I was caught between the Remington i-Light and the Tria Laser 4X, both of which are delightful permanent hair removal machines.

Personally what I thought was, a unique feature about the Remington i-Light however was that it was not technically a laser hair removal machine and instead, is a hair removal machine that is actually an IPL hair removal machine, built around Intense Pulsated Light technology.

For an olive skinned lady such as myself who has struggled so much with products that aren’t made to suit my skin tone or my hair color this came as a delightful shock! I now not only had a home based alternative to the pricey hair removal clinics but, I had one that would WORK on my skin! Trust me this is just a dream!

The Reasons the Remington i-Light Pro Made it Onto the Top Ten list

Um Hello! Why on Earth wouldn’t the Remington IPL6000USA make the top ten? The model is like pure technological genius meets every girls dream come true!

It works based on an IPL technology meaning that skin tones and hair color are no longer an issue; those who were scared of using lasers on your skin are also now able to take a leap of faith.

The model is a beautiful work of art, that is easy to hold, use and very east to maneuver into particular spots like the back of the neck, the shoulders, down under – literally everywhere – and did I mention it was a FDA proof piece of art?

Yup! FDA approved!

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Results of the Remington I-Light Pro

Remington-I-LightOkay – now I am from a long line of European decent (generations back) so – for me hair removal comes with mighty sticky territory. For one, it has got to work on me – I mean do you have any idea how many home laser hair removal devices and machines – come with a label that says – does not work on darker skin tones – or only for lighter skin tones with dark hair. I mean it is so aggravating! Not that it’s their fault, it’s just that laser technology works its way down to the roots of the hair based on the amount of melanin and not all devices are savvy enough to be applicable on all skin tones.

For me this is where the IPL technology based Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro steps in. This FDA approved home hair removal device, works in a system a lot like a Laser just basically more variable- in terms of its application to certain skin tones and hair colors. However it should be mentioned that the I-LightPro is specifically targeted for use on skin tones ranging from ivory to light brown and is not safe for skin tones darker than olive.

Another thing that I totally loved about it was that the I-LightPro is much easier to use, compared to many other models since it works with a power cord instead of on a charge basis. This means that when you are doing large patches of skin, such as your back or stomach, you won’t have to take a break every thirty minutes or so just to recharge, which you have to do in like practically every other device. Do you have any idea how much time you end up wasting?

Overview of the Remington I-Light Pro

I supposed to cap it off the best part of the Remington IPL6000USA is the variety in skin tone application, the IPL technology and the actual results which you get – Yes it really does work!

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