Ease of Use
Overall Rating

- Faster & Quicker Results than the I-Light Pro
- Requires less sessions than previous model
- Better quality machine/newer technology
- Long Power Cord
- FDA Cleared
- Safe IPL Home Based Technology
- Easier to hold and use
- Doesn’t work on all skin tones (i.e Use Tanda)
Remington I-Light Pro Plus (IPL6000P) – The Best in IPL Hair Removal At Home

Firstly, Remington have a few IPL hair removal machines on the market. I have ranked the PRO PLUS (IPL6000P) one the top of the pack due to the price v quality factor.

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This IPL hair removal machine is the better version of the Remington I-Light Pro, hence why this IPL6000P version has the extra ‘Pro Plus’ added to the hair removal machine name. You can buy online here.

If you are thinking of getting laser hair removal, and have decided that this is what you want only to be confounded by the crazy costs attached with each session you will need to go through, maybe it is time to take a step back and re-valuate a little.

Think, what is it you want, to not have to worry about body hair right? And what is it you don’t have? Oodles of money to throw away – right so what do you do? Go back to the hell-hole that is waxing and plucking and of course the very worst – shaving?


Think again! You are strapped for cash but want to get laser hair removal done – then get it! Only do it at home! Home permanent hair removal machines are a dime a dozen and while not all of them work there are quite a few that make, meet and surpass the mark. Remington’s Pro Plus is the front runner of them all. While the Remington actually runs on technology that is based on Intense Pulsated Light, and targets the hair roots by traveling down the follicle instead of targeting melanin like most other products on the hair removal line.

The Remington Pro Plus is nearly identical to the Remington IPL6000USA, which comes in a particularly pretty combination of bronze and white, and instead comes in a light lavender and white combination. However while the two devices may look the same, they do have on very particular difference!

Where the Remington IPL6000USA gives us a long six months of hairless bikini lines, the Remington Pro Plus actually goes as far as to claim permanent hair reduction, there is not many that can claim that in the ‘home devices’ realm!

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The Reasons the Remington Pro Plus Made it Onto the Top Ten list

Remington-Pro-PlusAs for why the Remington Pro Plus made it to the top ten of the list, well, let’s run down it’s specifications shall we?

The Remington hair removal machine which is safe to use at home, uses a propriety pro-pulse technology that is cleared by the FDA, which gives us the ability to enjoy this technological breakthrough, which uses light energy to disable the hair follicle, without breaking the bank or without having to leave the private comfort of our homes.

It has a two centimeter square rectangle, head which is one of the largest heads available and requires only four flashes per square inch of skin. Furthermore the product does not result in any sort of burns, or require any additional creams and gels in order to be used. The device also doesn’t have to be charged which is always a plus, and can instead be used straight up from the box – completely safe!

Results of the Remington I-Light Pro Plus

Remington-i-light-catridgeAs an olive toned female of generations back European descent (obviously I am not the fair skin fair hair combination), it is hardly surprising that I have a lot of dark black hair in a lot of unfortunate places. Can you understand, like truly understand what that means?

It means that unless I maintain a steady regime of plucking, tweezing, waxing, I can never hope to wear anything that isn’t the equivalent of a burka like ever!

This Remington IPL machine, was a dream to use.

To sum up, it is an easy to use hand device, has a pretty long extension cord which allows you to move around and use it pretty flexibly. The thing I loved the most about using it was that you didn’t have to spend time drawing this grid on your skin or anything, you could simply use it as it was, and the treatment window part is pretty big so it’s a pretty quick process once you get used to it – only takes me about twenty-five minutes or so to do each of my legs.

You can finish it in one quick go – before you get busy with something else.

Overview of the Remington I-Light Pro Plus

The best of this machine is that you see visible results in about 3-6 months. I know that may seem like forever – but to be able to say after that specific period that you are legitimately hair free – PERMANENTLY – I would totally say it’s worth it!

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