Ease of Use
Overall Rating

- 30,000 Pulses
- FDA Cleared
- Good Results
- Easy to Use
- More expensive than Remington's other IPL machines
Remington Pro Plus Quartz – The Best of Remington for IPL with a Higher Price Tag

The Remington i-Light Pro PluRemington Pro Plus Quartzs Quartz, is another great home IPL hair removal machine from the Remington Company.

Built to resemble an applicator and base conjoined unit, the Remington Pro Plus Quartz  is being marketed as a improved version of the IPL6000 and the IPL6000P combined! So you are getting the i-Light Pro + the Pro Plus in one machine called the Remington Quartz – IPL6000Q. The Remington Quartz is available to buy online here.

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The biggest difference (which makes all the difference) is in the Quartz bulb and updated technology. Like many other home IPL hair removal machines, the Remington also happens to have a built-in skin color sensor, which the device uses to automatically check skin tone compatibility as not to damage the skin.

The Reasons the Remington Pro Plus Quartz Made it Onto the Top Ten List

Remington-Quartz-Home-MachineThe Remington Pro Plus Quartz uses technology that is not only FDA approved but also similar to the technology used by doctors and professionals in hair removal clinics that use IPL hair removal machines.

The device is carefully constructed to be lightweight and easy to use, which is a huge plus for home machines, since the heavy models can strain your wrists!

This home hair removal system does have a pretty large head and allowing you to cover quite a bit of skin in less time than other machines, so that’s totally a major plus. This is especially useful for both men that want to use it on areas such as the back and chest and also for women in areas such as legs and arms.

Results of the Remington Pro Plus Quartz

Remington-I-Light-CartridgesI’ve been through 2 Remington machines before, the Remington I-Light and the Pro Plus. Out of those two, the Pro Plus is the better option.

My sister bought this Remington Pro Plus Quartz and although it is Remington’s top of line IPL hair removal machine, I thought was a little on the slow side.

A big factor a lot of women flock to buy the Remington Quartz is because the cartridges last a lot longer than any other machine, we are talking 30,000 flashes before needing replacement! That is a lot of hair removal sessions!

Overview of the Remington Pro Plus Quartz

I tend to sit on the fence when it comes to the Remington Pro Plus Quartz. The device does have the best technology of all the Remington IPL home machines and does use technology which mimics IPL hair removal technology used by doctors in actual hair removal clinics but I just feel for the price at around $400, I tend to lean more towards the Tria 4X Laser, however that is just me.

There is many  many women out there that want a Remington product, if that is you and you want to put your pennies to something that will definitely work for you – the top of the range Remington I-Light Pro Plus Quartz is for you. You can buy the Remington here.

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