Ease of Use
Overall Rating

- Easy to use device style
- Larger window
- Comes with instruction DVD and Lamp Cartridges
- Affordable (Get Latest Price Here)
- ONLY suits fair skin
- Device won’t work if it thinks skin is too dark
- Has to be replaced with a new cartridge ever 750 pulses
BellaLite by Silk’n – The Perfect Choice But for Fair Skin Only

home-hair-removal-machines-bellaliteThe BellaLite Hair Removal System by Silk’n, is a fabulous little device, with a cute hand grip styled applicator. The BellaLite also has what is probably the largest and fastest applicator tip available on the market now, which is why treatments using BellaLite are so easy and quick for both men and women.

What’s more is that Silk’n’s BellaLite Hair Removal System also happens to have this built-in skin color sensor, and the machine uses it to automatically to check your skin before every single pulse. It only lets a pulse be emitted where it won’t damage the skin tone or where it suits that specific skin tone.

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The Reasons the BellaLite Made it Onto the Top Ten List

Let’s start with the Bella’s price, Silk’n reduced the price when the Silk’n SensEpil hit the market so it retails for around $200-$250 (Get Latest Price Here).

So given this price reduction, the reason why many men and women still buy the Bellalite is because it is one of the most affordable home laser permanent hair removal devices on the market – unfortunately that affordability is only affordable to you IF you are the right skin tone.

Construction-wise, the Bellalite hair removal device looks exactly like the Silk’n SensEpil SN002 in that it comes with a base unit and three replaceable lamp cartridges, each having 750 pulses. Also included is an instructional video that makes this device all the more easier for first time laser device users.

The larger head allows you to cover greater areas quickly such as arms, legs, back and chest; meaning you don’t have to recharge twice just to do your big areas as mentioned. If you are experienced you can even do one leg and one underarm in one charge!

Results of the Silk’n BellaLite Hair Removal System

Silkn-Bellalite-for-HomeFor me, the BellaLite home hair removal system was not a star product for me in comparison to the results I get from the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X or even the Remington I-Light Pro Plus.

This is just me personally, as reading through other reviews some women absolutely swear by it and I can surely see why.

However, for me, because I have olive skin (and solely due to this reason), I kind of felt like it was a bit of a racist machine (as funny as that does sound).

I mean I know it’s not racist, but I could only use it on the fairer parts of my body, like my under arms or bikini line, unlike my friends, and it just was not the best fit for ME.

Overview of the BellaLite by Silk’n

Given the price, the user reports and the effectiveness in the few specific spots of skin I have where the machine would actually let me use it – the Bellalite by Silk’n is great. But given I cannot use it on regular parts of my body or any part exposed to the sun for a while, it kinda comes down the ranks and feels like a bit of a lost cause, hence the #9th position (in my opinion).

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