Ease of Use
Overall Rating

- 5,000 Pulses
- FDA Cleared
- Dermatologist recommended
- Easy to use hand held design
- Doesn’t suit all skin tones
- Requires new cartridges
Silk’n Flash&Go – The MiniLuxx

The Silk’n Flash&Go, is basicaSilk'n Flash&Go lly a minture of the Silk’n Flash&GoLuxx, only minus the best parts.

The Silk’n Flash&Go, has about 5,000 pulses and comes at the list price of around $200 to $300, which is basically just a hundred less than the Silk’n Flash&GoLuxx.

The device requires additional cartridges and is better suited for the mini-zones, rather than the whole body if you catch my drift…

The Flash&Go can be considered one of the ‘older’ veteran home hair removal machines on the market, however still remains a popular buy for many, my friend that lives in Canada just rang me and bought this last month.

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The Reasons the Silk’n Flash&Go Made it Onto the Top Ten List

Now, the Silk’n Flash&Go is by no means an inferior product, with its great light based technology, it is the dream device for someone who wants to fix up just the private areas or wants to test the waters with a smaller device, instead of shelling out for a larger upgrade – the hair removal device for home use works, shows visible effects in weeks, has a great hand held shape and is Dermatologist recommended – if you fit the bill the Silk’n Flash&Go could be a dream come true!

Results of the Silk’n Flash&Go

Regrettably, being the olive toned female that I am – I never really got a chance to use the Silk’n Flash&Go to it’s fullest, quite simply it didn’t suit my skin, because I simply got a flashing yellow light telling me my skin was too dark for it, not sure whether it was the room lighting or not as that can tend to affect the inbuilt skin tone sensor in many machines. To be honest, I guess I haven’t given it the chance due to this fact or maybe because my friend wanted the machine back :) Maybe should have given it more than 2 chances. I borrowed it from a friend and tried it for a couple of sessions but I just felt the results were just not as outstanding as the Tria or Remington.

I mean I totally get the ‘whole bit about it having to suit our skin tone’, but it’s still a bummer. In fact because I wanted to write about it here to test out the produce properly, what I did was ask my friend who is my ‘white’ friend, to try it out, whom is practically a sheet, she’s that fair, and she says it works just fine for her. She saw drastic results in hair reduction after 3-4 sessions on her legs. Another friend of mine, who is more of a warm skinned white, had great results the device, worked like a charm zapping away like it was nobody’s business.

Possibly a not so good quality skin tone sensor, either a defect of the machine or a defect of the user – who knows? :)

Overview of the Silk’n Flash&Go

Long story short – the Silk’n Flash&Go was not my favorite device but still remains a favorite for many! As I’ve said, my ‘white as a sheet’ friend worked just fine and she is happy with it. Remember, everybody’s experiences is completely different, however between my friend and I we are like brown and white chocolate – that would explain it!  I guess what you take away from this is if it suits you Yay! If not tough luck – there is other options!

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