Ease of Use
Overall Rating

- Large Head
- Cheap
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- FDA Cleared
- Visible Results
- Easy to use Handheld design
- No Charging
- Doesn’t suit all Skin-tones
- Head gets hot
- Needs Refill Cartridges
Silk’n SensEpil SN002 – The Cheaper Home IPL Alternative

Silkn-Sensepil-IPLThe Silk’n SensEpil is technically not a laser hair removal device at all; instead it uses Intense Pulsated Light technology to zap away at those pesky hairs growing in all the wrong places.

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Now FDA approved and being totally easy and quick to use puts the Silk’n SensEpil, at the top of the list of all Silk’n hair removal devices, at least for me – objectively speaking of course. I’ve said it’s the cheaper IPL alternative because you can buy online here. I say objectively speaking because, the Silk’n Sensepil, like another half a dozen home hair removal machines also does not suit black/brown hair color or as they put it ‘too dark’ skin tones.

On me, and you have to remember I have kinda an olive/brown skin tone, it works on the parts of my body less exposed to the sun. I tried using it on my arms, and they wouldn’t work, but it worked fine on my underarms and like high up on my thighs, and on my bikini line.

The Reasons the Silk’n Sensepil Made it Onto the Top Ten List

silkn-sensepilNow, when I went to buy the Silk’n SN002, I was told straight off that it wasn’t going to suit my skin tone (when tanned I’m too dark to fit the bill). However, I got it anyway because I had heard GREAT things about this little device and was dying to try it out.

The Silk’n Sensepil is a super easy product to use.

It is FDA cleared, requires no excess charging, has a pretty wide window, which allows for faster use and also doesn’t hurt as much as most other IPL’s.

It comes with a lamp cartridge and an instructional DVD, for first time users.

It is also known to have worked wonders on long time users who have shown at least long term reduction and possibly permanent hair removal.

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Results of the Silk’n Sensepil SN002

Fortunately, the decision to use the Silk’n Sensepil was a good one. I used it on my underarms and bikini line. Just a word of advice – I found that for the Silk’n SN002 machine’s skin tone sensor to work accurately, the machine kind of needs you to be standing in a lot of light, like natural or artificial so that it doesn’t mistake your skin to be darker than it is. One of my friends who tested it out confirmed this, but that’s just one of the tiny bugs but also a good tip for you, I guess?

As for the machine itself (when it did work on me) it was great, the pain was tolerable and you didn’t have to recharge, so that is like totally great – I mean recharging and waiting is the worst part usually. The only other downside would maybe be that the head gets a little over heated when you use it for too long- yeah so be careful about that.

Overview of the Silk’n Sensepil

Overall – the Silk’n SensEpil sN002 was a good device that I really wanted to love, because of how easy it was to use, so if your skin tone suits it is a great buy.

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