Ease of Use
Overall Rating

- Unique IPL and RF technology
- FDA Cleared
- Visible Results (in seven sessions)
- Works on blonde, red and white hair
- Doesn’t work great on darker hair (i.e use the Tria
- Needs Refill Lamps
Me Smooth Hair Removal System – All Skin Tones & All Hair Colors


The Me Smooth Elos Hair Removal System by Tanda is also not technically a ‘laser’ hair removal device since it uses Intense Pulsated Light technology (i.e IPL) to fulfill its customary zapping quota much like some of the other hair removal machines on the list.

What sets the Tanda hair removal machine apart from these others is that it is effective for ALL skin tones and ALL hair colors. Yes you heard read it right – whatever skin tone you have, whatever hair color you have – this baby of a hair removal machine is 110% safe to use at home for anyone! (click here on where to buy)

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Along with IPL , the Me Smooth Elos also uses Radio Frequency energies to help obtain its results. In addition, the FDA approval and the visible effects (after the customary seven sessions) make the Me Smooth Hair Removal System a very popular choice for alot of people worldwide of different nationalities!

The price bump is a little more than say the Remington but what you must take into consideration that the cartridges have much better longevity than other permanent hair removal machines. Also don’t forget that it’s way cheaper than going in to a clinic to get the whole procedure done, and then having to go back in for touch ups.

And it doesn’t stop there, the Me Elos is also popularly known as one of the best devices for the minority group of blondes, white haired, and red-heads. In fact it is one of the few of the best permanent hair removal machines that will even work on these specific hair colors, and is by far one of the most affordable options for those particular ‘Hair-Races’.

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The Reasons the Me Smooth Made it Onto the Top Ten List

home-hair-removal-machines-Me-My-Elos-SyneronThe Tanda Me Smooth is a great home use device. Simply put, the best test in Elos technology. With the same Papa Company using this very same technology to deliver Elos treatments in the clinics, it is easily understandable why the Tanda totally gets an extra bump of confidence for being its kiddy version.

Delivering clinic results at a DIY rate, is one of the main reasons Tanda is a topper, in addition the intricate fusion of IPL and RF technology also sets it apart from the other companies making it a actual innovator and best of all actually effective on the Reds, and Blondes and Whites of the Hair world!

Don’t forget about the new Tanda Machine!

This is the NEWEST released from this brand and I’ve talked more about it in the link below. It looks like the picture featured here.

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Results of the Tanda Me Smooth

Okay on the topic of the Me Smooth Hair Removal System, I’ll be honest, I’ve used it but I didn’t stick with it. I know, I know, I’m awful but – yes it worked just fine but for me personally. But, I am a handheld portabale kind of girl so a hair removal device is better suited for me.

But as I’ve said, for blondes, grey’s and red heads – this is a dream come true!

Overall, the Me Smooth didn’t hit the spot for me, but that’s ok, my sister totally digs it. Now keep in mind that the Tanda works best of blonde, red, and white hair and I, God bless my roots, am as brown they come, olive skin and pure jet black hair, also worked wonder for me too.

I also did talk one of my friends into using it, she’s a freckle monster aka a true red, and she says that of all the home laser hair removal machines that she has tried of mine, the Tanda is the only one that really works on her – so that is as glowing a recommendation as you’re going get folks!

Reds charge ahead!

Overview of the Tanda Me Smooth

In the end, I guess you could say the Tanda Me Smooth is not a ‘fussy’ device as it works best on a broad range of skin tones and hair colors group of people. Despite my results, the Tanda Me Smooth remains a popular option for many ladies and gents.

If you don’t fit the description of the ideal user on any other of the machines I’ve suggested on my list of best home laser hair removal machines, maybe this one is for you.

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