Ease of Use
Overall Rating

- Cordless
- You see results after 2 sessions
- Safest laser hair removal machine for home use
- FDA cleared for home use
- No replacement cartridge required, so no additional costs involved
- Skin Tone Sensor
- Multiple Settings Applicable
- Easy to Use
- A little pricier than other machines
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Tria 4x Laser – The Undisputed Home Hair Removal Hero

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Let’s be honest if you are thinking about any form of a hair removal device to use at home, the absolute first and foremost name in your mind has got to be Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X!

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This machine is produced by the hands down the best company known widely for both quality and effectiveness all in one laser hair device – both major issues, especially when you are transitioning from being forced to go from professional laser clinics to home use laser devices – usually because of the hefty clinic price tags. You can buy online here.

All of this gets just so much worse right around summer when you do not want the ugly shaving burns, and you most definitely do not have time for the half an inch long hair you need to grow out before you can actually wax away your troubles. In short, if you want to enjoy your summer to the fullest, full with bikinis and beachwear you really don’t have another option to consider. You need to invest in laser hair removal and you need to do it fast – I mean you don’t have time to sit through three month’s worth of sessions do you?

You need a fast working system that gives you results and fast! And even more importantly you need a no risk device with world class quality that has built in sensors, and allows you to set the strength of the laser as well of course you can hardly go flouncing about covered in scars right? All in all once you add it all up and weight the pro’s and con’s the obvious conclusion is always going to be the Tria.

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And while the Tria 4x Laser is an obvious front runner it is also known to attract a bit of a raised eyebrow because of its price. Now just to be clear, being somewhat like the daughter of Midas I am not a fair skinned wonder so for me investment in a laser hair removal machine for home use was worth the steep upfront – and the Tria 4x is one of them. When I turned to the Tria I was looking for a suitable alternative to the clinical sessions, one that wouldn’t cost me the earth basically, and after a few precious weeks of use came to the conclusion that it was worth every penny!

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The Reasons the Tria 4x Made it Onto the Top Ten List


The Tria has the coolest LED screen. Click here to see colors available!

The Tria 4x did not just make it onto the Top Ten Laser Hair Removal Devices List, it basically IS the list – well at the very least it is the best on the list – the #1 laser hair removal machine to buy on the market right now!

With a great laser technology called the diode laser; which although you may not know what it actually is, all you need to know is that it was invented by the same scientists that made the professional lasers for hair removal a big hit. Now, this diode laser is available to use at home with the Tria Laser 4X Hair Removal Machine. It’s also backed up with safety precautions based both in the laser itself and in the skin tone sensor that the device has inbuilt the Tria 4x is quite a nifty little thing.

And it hardly ends there, unlike the previous models from Tria, the 4x Laser has worked hard on it’s charge faculties and now holds up to thirty minutes each use, which is way longer than you need to finish off a leg or an arm comfortably!

Results of the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X


You will see definite results after 2 treatments but after 3 months of continuous use you will see a noticeable difference.

On my part the Tria 4x came out as a dream buy, with my European roots, I have faced more than a passing difficulty with practically every model on the market – it’s all been either my skin is too dark, or my hair is too dark or my skin is not detected (yes it has happened believe it or not), and of course the welts you get from the low cost alternatives that ‘say’ they are great but really just don’t really tickle my fancy.

The Tria was different – I also have an abiding love for the Tria Precision. I suppose what really sets it apart is the overall package, it’s a great handheld device, which makes it that much easier to manage, has a thirty minute charge on it till it needs to be recharged, and easy to read, lighted display that basically guides you through all the steps of the process with setting the strength and everything, a comfortable grip, and of course an uber cool skin sensor that helps prevent any skin damage, not to mention the also uber cool funky colors you can buy – check out the range of colors available

Overview of the Tria 4x Laser

The Tria 4x to put is simply is the Zeus on the Mount Olympus of hairy issues, and I say that because while the steep price can make the product a bit of a leap, it can also be an example of just how great a device is being made available to you – making the little things in life a lot easier for us.

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