Ease of Use
Overall Rating

- Best laser machine for your face
- Suitable for more sensitive areas of the body - FDA Cleared
- Quick results, only takes 2 sessions
- Five different settings
- Available under $300
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- Charge doesn’t last as long as Tria 4X
- Slow on larger areas of the body
Tria Precision Laser – The Best Choice for Facial Hair Removal

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Okay this may sound a little over the top but I kid you not, the Tria Precision Laser is hands down the sexiest laser I have ever seen, it is SO damn smooth! Those sleek lines, the beautiful grip, the way you can maneuver it anyway you want to, all over your face, under your arms, around your bikini line, just a beautiful product, that acts as a great complement to the Tria 4x, which is kind of like the older sister of this Tria P Laser.

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First and foremost, another Tria hair removal device? Yes.

Why? Because the Tria Precision Laser was purely manufactured as the safest and best laser hair removal machine to remove facial hair forever (and not to mention perfect for those extra sensitive areas)!

Price wise, the Tria P Laser is quite affordable, and with a smaller window it is obviously more of a specific spot product rather than a use wherever type of a gadget, meaning that it can be a bit of a risk for first timers. However on the other hand this is Tria we are talking about, one of the absolute front runners in terms of the brand establishment and results, which is why even if it is pricey the Tria Precision Laser is very likely to be worth the money.

What’s more is that the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision also manages not to be discriminatory in terms of the skin tones it will work on. With five different comfort settings it is also a great choice for those of us with slightly sensitive skin or a tendency to peel easily.

The Reasons the Tria Precision Laser Made it Onto the Top Ten list


Personally I think that the Precision Laser, is probably Tria’s best device yet – well, it’s the newest permanent home hair removal machine on the market so it ought to be the best of home hair removal technology. Considering that my three sisters and I have already gone through about 5 different devices between us, here’s why – the Tria Precision Laser is a smooth bold device, that is easy to handle and easy to use for even first timers, no complicated graphs to follow or overlapping issues – easy and straight forward.

Keeping in mind that the model is mainly a complement to the Tria 4x, the Tria Precision has a shorter battery life which is better suited for the face and smaller body areas, where the Tria 4X which is better suited to larger body area needs.

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Results of the Tria Precision Laser

Tria-P-LaserI tried the Tria Precision Laser personally and I had a great experience. I used the device mainly for my upper lip, my lower chin and my underarms and found that for most of these cases the charge would hold out long enough for me to cover like one arm or the whole upper lip at least. I think, that’s a significant thing to keep in mind, that the Tria Precision Laser is a special spot device, and not for overall body use, in the sense that it is too small and therefore the battery life is shorter.

The results however are mind blowing! Like any great Tria Product the Tria Precision Laser once again delivers! I had visibly less underarm hair in just two sessions and I was only using a level four, I cannot imagine how great it’s going to work in the long run – well actually I can which is why I totally want to keep it and definitely hold on I mean, with all those products out there on one hand you are confused you are like, which can I use that will actually work, and then there is the Tria Precision Laser which right off the bat, you know is going to work.

Overview of the Tria Precision Laser

In additional perks I think, what else I loved about the Tria Hair Removal Laser – P was the fact that it was a great face product. The FDA hasn’t really approved a lot of devices for home use as safe for facial hair but the FDA has approved this one as 100% safe to use on your stubborn facial hair – the Tria Precision Laser is the perfect little gizmo for those of us who like to err on the side of caution!

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