Tria Hair Removal Laser: Your Questions, Answered

Tria-Hair-Removal-Laser-FAQThe Tria home laser removal device is a giant in the world of hair removal. Needless to say, that it has won over the affection of many looking to get rid of unwanted body hair.

It is one of the most effective products for home hair removal retailing in this day and age. On top of this, it is held in high regard by consumers who have used it to clear themselves of stubborn, coarse hair permanently.

This augurs well for the manufacturers of the Tria because a good rating creates a suction effect by attracting more customers to buy the Tria. In this guide we’ll attempt to decode some of the questions potential consumers have about the Tria Hair Removal Laser.

Tria Hair Removal Laser: Your Questions, Answered

How-Laser-and-IPL-works-on-Hair-GrowthI hear you asking yourself, “What is the Tria capable of offering me?”

Well, with the Tria you have more than just a hair removing device, what you have is more of a companion and helper. The Tria is there to help you out where other hair products have come short; to remove any unsightly and unwanted body hair for good, that is permanently that’s right, completely gone forever. None of the other techniques that came prior to laser hair removal like shaving, hair removal creams or waxing could offer such promise. Not in a million years.

A common question consumers ask is, “How does the Tria Home Laser Hair Removal tool work?

I’ll be glad to decipher the rocket science behind the Tria. The Tria uses laser technology. Laser treatment targets a laser beam to the hair follicle to exterminate it. Laser is preferably used in the light-skinned with dark hair as dark skin will absorb much of the laser beam energy. However, there is solution for dark skin too, you can read more about it here or view the only permanent hair removal machine for dark skin here.

So is this treatment a permanent hair removal method?

Results indicate that the majority share of consumers reported excellent permanent hair removal. With time though, hormonal changes may stimulate growth of new but scanty hair follicles on different sites, this is very uncommon however. But do not worry because these hair strands can be removed just in the same way as the ones treated previously, for those women that have suffered hormonal hair changes afterwards have done one treatment and been fine again.

tria-hair-removalIs the Tria Hair Laser safe?

The laser technology that the Tria incorporates is absolutely safe. The reason I sound so confident is simple. The FDA has done vigorous tests on the Tria home hair removal systems and it was not found wanting. This device is safe for use in all areas of the body save for the head and neck.

Is Using the Tria 4X Laser painful?

And if you have a relatively low pain threshold, you’ll be glad to know that the Tria only causes slight discomfort. Trust me, you can handle it because I can handle it and I’m not good at handling pain.

Another plus about the Tria is that it’s available under $500 (unlike salon hair removal which costs in the thousands!). That’s an irresistible deal for a device that will give you lifelong results.

For a full review of this device, you can read more about the Tria here.

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