Tria v Silk’n

Tria-v-SilknChoosing the better of these two magnificent hair removal devices, the Tria and the Silk’n is like being put between a rock and a hard place, a lot more like being between the devil and the proverbial Davy Jones’ locker.

They are two of the most popular and regularly used home use hair removal devices in the market today.

That statement is a clear show of how good the Tria laser hair removal system and the Silk’n are. Although they do aim for the same goal of removing hair permanently from a females or males body, they do in fact operate quite differently and their ‘efficiency’ is quite different also (by efficiency, we mean how long it takes to see permanent hair removal results, i.e 3-6 months v 6-9 months).

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They are however also different entities and in this article we will decipher their unique characteristics as a hair removal device, so that you as the consumer will make an informed decision when you want to buy either of them.

The clearest difference between the Tria and the Silk’n is the technology employed in each hair removal device.

tria-vs-silknThe Tria home hair removal system uses the technology that is used in (some) professional laser clinics, which is called diode laser, and as you would expect it makes the Tria very efficient. You will be receiving the same permanent hair removal technology that many celebrities use for permanent hair removal, like Kim Kardashian have received. The only difference is that you’ll be in your home rather than a laser clinic. Hooray!

The Silk’n devices (eg. SensEpil, Silk’n Flash n Go and Silk’n Bellalite) use technology that is a spot different. They make use of intense pulsed light technology and the results are astounding also so just because it doesn’t use the same as the Tria doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

Different Technology

Let me expand on how laser technology works. Laser hair removal targets a laser beam to the hair follicle to kill it. Laser is preferably used in the light-skinned with dark hair as dark skin will absorb much of the laser beam energy. Its beam of energy targets pigment and thus laser hair removal works best with light skin and dark hair. The essence of this is that light skin possesses very little pigment thus a lot of the laser beam’s energy hits the dark pigmented hair follicle, destroying it in the process. It thus going without saying that dark skin will absorb much of the energy and the hair follicle will not be destroyed. Actually, dark skin may be damaged by laser.

Silkn-compare-with-TriaAnd now, you might be wondering how Light Pulse technology and diode laser works. Well it isn’t rocket science ladies and gents. The Silk’n hair removal devices (which uses IPL) focuse a broad spectrum light to the root of the hair shaft. This high intensity light strikes the hair follicle which contains the greatest amount of a pigment called melanin in comparison to rest of the hair shaft and skin. The light is then converted to heat energy, which is hot enough to selectively scorch the follicle and most of the hair shaft.

The diode laser works exactly off the same principles of using light and heat energy to kill the hair follicle, however the laser is a more concentrated beam. That’s the only difference.

Other Differences

The Tria 4X hair removal laser is a durable device which is rechargeable and can totally eliminate body hair in 6 months to one year, most people see dramatic results (including me) within 3 months. Plus it almost never fails or has hiccups.

The Silk’n devices on the other hand uses replaceable light cartridges, which although are quite affordable, you still have to buy and replace them every so often which can become cumbersome. Each cartridge generally produces approximately 750 bursts of light pulses.

Don’t quite me for sure, but I believe , for instance, the new Silk’n SensEpil comes with 4 cartridges.

Silkn-Flash-n-Go-with-TriaIn regards to pain, both produce the same level of pain as they both are using similar technology with the same outcome. It all depends on your individual pain threshold. Basically put, if you believe waxing is painful, you should find the home hair removal machines less painful. If you have never waxed in your life and only shaved, you may find using permanent hair removal a bit discomforting, but keep in mind that you can always use pre-treatment (how to prepare for laser hair removal) and post-treatment creams (how to look after your skin after laser hair removal) to ease the pain and discomfort you may experience.

As you can see, both brand of hair removal machines are very similar, you can read more about each hair removal machines below including in-depth reviews of their specifications:

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