What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser-Hair-RemovalIf you give importance to the sheer longevity of this hair removal method, then this will be way ahead of various other processes used for removing hairs from various parts of your body. The advantages of laser hair removal or IPL hair removal can be easily realized by noticing the cons of other common hair removal methods. Shaving takes up time and can give unnecessary cuts along with uneven irritation. The entire waxing process is a bit painful while electrolysis is another type of torture.

In short what happens in with any type of permanent hair removal whether from laser or IPL is that a laser is applied to the skin to penetrate the hair follicle. The heat generated from the laser beam kills the hair follicles and in a matter of few days the unwanted strands are magically gone.

In more detail – Laser hair removal in a simple way, works by rapidly increasing the temperature of the dark hair follicles without even touching the surrounding tissues.

Is there any pain? The entire treatment procedure gives much less pain than others. The best thing is that within a few treatments, permanent hair removal can be achieved. Nowadays, almost all body parts can be treated with a laser or IPL hair removal device. The only disallowed areas are around the eyes due to the sensitivity of the skin. You’ll need to read the review of each machine to find out whether it is safe to use for facial hair removal. Generally, from the cheek downwards you can use a laser hair removal machine.

Technically, what is laser hair removal exactly? Laser stands for Light Amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. This was discovered in Bell labs in late 1950s. The energy of the light can be precisely tailored so that only those cells are affected and not the nearby ones i.e only the hair follicles. Pretty amazing stuff when you think about it.

Laser hair removal technology has improved several times and is now an accepted method for permanent hair removal and safe to use at home as cleared by the FDA.Laser-At-Home-FDA-Approval

Ok, so far so good. What does it feel like? The good news is relative to other hair removal methods, the procedure is much less painful. The heating is done only on the small follicles of hair and not at the nearby tissues. The best way to explain it is as if a a rubber band snap feeling, this literally only lasts for a split second and disappears. The beauty with IPL or laser hair removal is that the process doesn’t leads to any cuts or nicks or any such thing, it can be called a painless process.

Okay now the most important thing for the user. Till how long the skin will remain free from such strands? Well the results will differ as different person has different skin type, different hair color, different hair thickness and is also dependent on the cycle of the hair growth (and whether it was penetrated at the right hair growth stage). You will definitely see hair reduction results after the 1st treatment and every other treatment thereafter. The results differ also because the laser parameters has to be matched with individual’s skin type.

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